About us

We are the leading producer of high quality Wooden Tambour Doors and veneered panels, and have been supplying to the UK, Europe and worldwide for over 20 years.

Made by skilled craftsmen, the raw materials are specifically selected for the finest quality, expertly bonded and processed, and the face made up of carefully joined real wood veneers to complement the quality and craftsmanship of your Cabinets!

As a customer-focused company, our products are made to the exact sizes and quantities you need, from a special one-off up to large production runs !

There are a number of Tambour Door options you can select, including thickness, slat style, and we can also supply in almost any veneer species.

We also supply counter-balance mechanisms, plastic guide track, handles and other accessories - for more details see our Tambour Accessories page.

We are now also able to offer additional wooden products including Flexible Wooden Screens and Wooden Wall Panels in many different veneers, ranging from popular to very exotic wood types.